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Spinach Pesto Pasta

Spinach Pesto Pasta
  • Prep Time
    5 minutes
  • Cook Time
    20 minutes
  • Serving



    Step 1

    Into a good blender or food processor add your spinach, basil, cashew nuts, lemon juice, garlic, nutritional yeast, olive oil, 4 tbsp of water & salt & pepper, and blend until smooth and set aside. Cook your pasta according to the packet instructions. Finely Chop one onion and fry until soft then add in the frozen peas, pinch of salt & pepper and cook until the peas are soft, then add in your pesto sauce along with your cooked pasta and 1 cup of the pasta cooking liquid. Cook for a few mins until the pasta is coated in the pesto sauce stirring constantly then take it off the heat and serve!

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