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Spiced Lamb and apricot tagine

  • Prep Time
  • Cook Time
    2 hours in tagine also could be cooked in slow cooker
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    Step 1

    Season with salt and Seal room temperature lamb chops till nice golden brown on medium hight heat dont over crowd the pan once chops look golden brown on out side remove from pan , set chops aside and deglaze the pan with a cup of water . Grate both onions using wide side grater ,Thinly slice what you cannot grate . Prepare your sweet potatoes , potatoe and turnip peel and thickly slice In 2 inch chunks. Heat up cooking vessel of choice I used my clay Tagine add table spoon of olive oil and butter , once melted add all onions and stir in tumeric powder and a pinch of salt stir well over gentle heat .2 to 3 mins Add in your spices ginger white pepper and harissa and tomatoe paste , cook for a further 60 seconds Add in potatoes and turnip coating in the onions and spice mix , add half of both herbs place lamb chops on top add rest of the herbs and crushed garlic , add left over deglaze juice from earlier add enough stock to just cover the meat , finally add pinch of salt and pepper. Cover and cook over low to.medium heat for 1hr 15 mins stirring occasionally add more water or stock if you feel is needed After 1hr 15 mins add the soaked apricots apricots and cook for a further 45 mins taking the lid off for the last ten mins to.let sauce reduce add tea spoon butter and turn off the heat . Add coriander for colour and Serve with Crusty Bread

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    • Thef.oodatation

      This recipe looks like a DELICIOUS substantial meal. It looks like a perfect Dinner. Definitely one to try : )

    • Greedy Greg

      Looks rich and delicious….seems a simple recipe to follow….can’t wait to try it 😋…well done

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